Black Excellence

Inside Harriet Tubman's Life of Service After the Underground ...

Harriet Tubman (1822-1913) was an abolitionist and activist who also served in the Civil War.

The trauma she endured while enslaved ignited a fire that led her to escape to the North and assist with the Underground Railroad. Harriet was very creative on her missions to avoid being caught by using disguises and various modes of transportation. There is evidence that she could not read or write which meant she had be a good judge of character to know who she could trust. Harriet trusted her instincts and faith in God to guide and comfort her during difficult times and when traveling through unfamiliar territory. 

Dreamers connect the sequence of events to find purpose. This means understanding the place of spirituality and hardship in one’s life. To dare dream when this isn’t a reality is extremely difficult.

In reality, Harriet’s painful experience inspired her to make changes. This breeds Black excellence.